Saturday, January 25, 2014

Windy day.

It was a wild morning with torrential rain, thunder, lightening and puddles the width of the A82 on the drive into Glen Coe. It was quite mild at the time, and the tops of the mountains covered in a thick layer of slush/wet snow. Through the day this began to freeze as the temperature dropped. There were also some snow showers through the day, but these did not put down a great deal of fresh snow. 

It was a windy day with plenty of snow in the air at times as seen here at the Scottish Ski Club hut at a height of about 850 metres. However, most of this snow seemed to dissipate into the atmosphere rather than be deposited on the ground, and I struggled to find any deep drifts of fresh snow. 

Last night and early this morning a lot of very wet slushy snow fell and stuck to thing like this snow fence. This froze solid as the temperature dropped.   

 This mornings slush forming an icy crust as the temperature dropped.